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Furry Connection North Closure Announcement

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When the staff of Furry Connection North started the event we had a plan to do a series of five conventions. Starting in 2008 with our first hotel in Ann Arbor, FCN endeavored to create a new and different convention experience focusing on creating a party atmosphere instead of the more traditional panel-and-event-focused furry con. Quite quickly, our event grew faster than we ever intended. In only our second year, we were forced to move to a larger venue; our attendance went from about 350 that first year to more than 1200 in 2013. That amount of growth in only 5 years is quite staggering and says that we were creating an event that the furry community enjoyed. However, as the years progressed, we discovered it was increasingly difficult to contend with that amount of growth.

Despite having a 5 year plan, due to the event’s popularity we decided to add a 6th year. Following FCN 2013, we started to evaluate what changes would need to be made to allow FCN to continue to exist and not change our core mission. In the process of evaluating those changes, some of the senior staff decided that the amount of work needed would be unrealistic and would potentially compromise the integrity of the event. At this point multiple members of the senior staff decided that they wished to retire instead of continue with the event. Upon further evaluation from the staff it was decided that it would be best to discontinue the event instead of change what it was.

It is with great sadness that I must announce that Furry Connection North will not return for a 2014 year. My staff and I are all very proud of the convention that we have put on for the last 6 years. We all feel that it was the absolute best event that we could have made. At this time Furry Connection North will be dissolving and donating our remaining supplies and funds to other events and charities. Thank you very much to all of those who attended and helped make FCN great.