Bitcoin bryter 37 800 dollar, Gemini-presidenten säger $ BTC ‚Gör dig redo att slå ner på 40 000‘

Enligt data från TradingView kl 03:42 UTC på torsdagen, på kryptobörsen Coinbase, nådde Bitcoin-priset $ 37 808, vilket återigen satte en ny heltidshög (ATH).

Detta ledde till att Anthony Pompliano

Detta ledde till att Anthony Pompliano (även kallad „Pomp“), en av grundarna av det kryptofokuserade kapitalförvaltningsföretaget Morgan Creek Digital Assets, påpekade att Bitcoins marknadsvärde just hade nått 700 miljarder dollar.

Enligt uppgifter från CryptoCompare, från och med 09:43 UTC den 7 januari, har Bitcoin-priset sedan årets början stigit 28,37% (mot USD).

Det är värt att påpeka att dagens nya all-time high över $ 37K kommer bara tre dagar efter att ett team av JP Morgan globala marknadsstrateger ledd av Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou enligt uppgift skrev i en anteckning till kunder att på lång sikt skulle Bitcoins pris kunna uppgå till $ 146.000 och högre.

Den framstående kryptoanalytikern Alex Krüger sa på onsdagen (6 januari) att han förväntade sig att Bitcoin-priset skulle nå 40 000 dollar i slutet av denna vecka.

Senare samma dag sa Cameron Winklevoss, grundare och ordförande för kryptobörsen Gemini, också att han förväntade sig att Bitcoin-priset snart skulle uppgå till 40 000 dollar.

Santiago Roel Santos, en partner på det kryptofokuserade värdepappersföretaget ParaFi Capital, sa att handelsvolymerna vid kryptobörsen itBit (som ägs av Paxos), som driver PayPals kryptohandelstjänst, bryter rekordhöga toppar.

Här är din regelbundet schemalagda PayPal-kryptovolymuppdatering. Ja, det krossar ATH-volymer. Detta är särskilt intressant under en dag fylld med rubriker av politisk oro i Amerika. Blir #Bitcoin en förkroppsligande av den fjärde ändringen?

För dem som är oroliga över att Bitcoins

För dem som är oroliga över att Bitcoins galen prisåtgärd ser ohållbar ut och att vi snart kan se en krasch, fick kryptoanalytikern Alex Krüger detta meddelande: när institutionell antagande ökar, bör storleken på framtida Bitcoin-korrigeringar minska.

På tisdag (5 januari) sa Charles Hayter, medgrundare och VD för kryptoassets marknadsdataleverantör CryptoCompare, att „det växande företagets antagande och kroniska brist på utbud är drivkrafterna bakom Bitcoins paraboliska framsteg.“

Och den ökande mainstream-täckningen av Bitcoins mycket imponerande prisåtgärd, tillsammans med oro för att demokraternas kontroll av båda kamrarna i den amerikanska kongressen kan leda till högre finanspolitiska stimuli (vilket kan leda till högre inflation), gör fallet för Bitcoin som en digital lagring av värde ännu starkare.

What is gas on Ethereum?

Gas is the financial fuel of the Ethereum network. It allows minors to be rewarded for their work validating transactions and executing smart contracts.

Each transaction or instruction of a contract therefore has a cost.

How gas works on Ethereum

How these fees work is a bit more complex on Ethereum than on Bitcoin. Indeed, the user can adjust various parameters which will define the gas cost of his operation.

There are two variables : the price of gas and diesel limit ( price gas and gas limited ).

We can visualize the price of gas like the price of gasoline in a gas station. In this analogy, the gas limit then becomes the capacity of the tank of the vehicle representing the transaction.

Ethereum gas

The price of gas is set in GWei , a subdivision of ether. The miners therefore receive many ethers as a reward for their work.

Ethereum smart contracts allow you to set up recursive loops. There needs to be a limit to the amount of gas that can be consumed per transaction. If this was not the case, in the event of an infinite loop , the account of the user concerned would be emptied of all its ethers!

Evaluate transaction fees

But then, how to fix these two parameters ? It all depends on the confirmation time you want for your transaction. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum works with an auction system : fees are freely set by users. Minors therefore choose the transactions with the most fees as a priority. If you want a quick confirmation , you will have to increase the fees to be selected before the others.

To assess these costs and choose which charges to assign to your transaction, you can visit the following site:


It provides a real-time estimate of the transaction fees required for a desired confirmation time . The shorter this period, the higher the cost of gas will be. If you don’t need a quick confirmation, you can use a low gas cost.

Today, many Ethereum wallets automatically estimate fees to pay for your transaction. But for some uses (participation in an ICO, decentralized finance), you will have to do the calculations yourself.

Bitcoin in 2021: What’s in store for us?

Let’s try to make a prediction of what we might expect in the coming year.

In this special article, we embark on the reckless feat of predicting the future.

Of course, the chances of getting it right are minimal. But let’s play guessing games for a while. And if we happen to get some things right, well, it was by chance. The future is impossible to predict. What we can actually do is make assumptions about the future with the little information we have at hand. We don’t know much, but we do know something. And on those probabilities we can make a bet. We won’t really talk about the future. But let’s pretend we are. We talk about the future with poetic license. The future as expectation. Bitcoin in 2021.

What awaits us?

The big question: Will we surpass $50K in 2021? Well, it’s possible. In fact, it’s extremely likely, if the current enthusiasm is maintained for the rest of the year. Of course, we would need more announcements. I mean more institutional purchases, more adoption, and more FOMO. The approval of an EFT would be the glory. Any instrument that more effectively channels the entry of institutional capital into the world of cryptomonies will help the price boom.

On the other hand, a possible setback could come from the regulatory field in the United States and Europe. For now, that danger is hypothetical, because there is nothing concrete that represents a specific threat. The authorities are very busy solving the problems related to the coronavirus crisis. And the favorite villain at the moment is big technology companies such as Facebook or Google. Politicians want to cut off some heads to please the bloodthirsty public. A giant must fall to create the illusion that inequality is a problem that concerns politicians. Anyway, for now, Bitcoin is not on the scapegoat list.

The truth is that everything seems to indicate that 2021 will basically be an extension of 2020. At least, during the first semester of the year, things won’t be so different. Will unemployment return to 4%? Will inflation exceed 2%? Are the financial markets overvalued? Not yet. It is possible that things will start to change gradually from the second half of the year. But, during the first months of 2021, the situation will be quite similar to the last months of 2020.

The coronavirus has accelerated several processes and this will continue in 2021. The deglobalization of the world, the digitalization of the world, and the deepening of the rivalry between China and the United States. All of this in the context of an increasingly unequal world. Tourism will be reduced, migration will be reduced, and remittances will be reduced. But online trade, digital payments, and teleworking will continue to increase dramatically.

This recovery is K-shaped, in large part, because this is primarily a service sector crisis. The poor and the middle class have suffered a lot. Small businesses have suffered a lot. And cyclical businesses have suffered a lot. But the rich, the financial markets, Bitcoin, and the technology sector have benefited a lot during this period.

The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has mainly benefited the financial markets, because almost all the liquidity has been used to buy financial assets. While it is true that consumer price inflation has not increased sufficiently, this is limited to goods and services. That is, the cost of living. But this is obviously not including the prices of assets like stocks and Bitcoin. In other words, the stimuli were used to make buybacks. Big capital received a lot of dollars, but it all stayed in the financial markets and didn’t move into the real economy.

Of course, that doesn’t imply that the Federal Reserve did anything wrong. The Fed did the only thing it can do. Here the big absentee has been the fiscal stimulus. That is, public spending. Aid in this sense has been very timid, due to the blockade by the Republicans because of a doctrinal issue. At this time, a new aid package is being discussed that will put some liquidity into the economy, but, due to the Republican blockade, more than a significant stimulus is a small relief that will not have much effect. Of course, it is possible that next year’s packages will be a little more generous, despite the Republicans.

Now, the Joe Biden administration. On the monetary front, a change in administration doesn’t affect Federal Reserve policies much. Rates will remain the same. And almost everything will stay the same on this front. At least for a while. On the fiscal front, you could see a change. But I’m afraid we won’t see a very dramatic change, because Biden is taking over the White House with a Republican-controlled Senate. Or I know

BSN: China is pushing ahead with the BSN blockchain initiative

With the BSN initiative, China wants to take the lead in the digital transformation of the global economy. Now new partners have been won again.

CRYPTO 10 Hedged (C10) is an intelligent index fund that offers investors access to the top 10 cryptocurrencies while limiting the loss of capital through a dynamic cash hedging algorithm

The advantages of this new compatibility are many. Polkadot’s blockchain protocol was developed to connect several specialized blockchains into a unified network. Polkadot also enables numerous transactions to be processed on multiple parallel chains. The bottom line is that this leads to higher network capacity. With Chinese regulators scrutinizing decentralized public blockchains, this new integration is the opportunity for Polkadot developers to join BSN’s Open Permissioned Blockchain Initiative.

Oasishas made a name for itself with its financial tools specializing in private and scalable solutions. At Bityuanis a provider of blockchain solutions for Chinese companies. At the beginning of the year, BSN had already realized a significant expansion of its network portfolio. Since then, Ethereum, Tezos, Neo, EOSIO and IrisNet have also been part of the BSN ecosystem. BSN’s goal is to provide a centralized blockchain framework. This would mean that the leading networks would act together under one roof.

Thanks to BSN, China wants to take on a pioneering role

The Blockchain Service Network (BSN) is China’s most ambitious blockchain project. The country is planning to take the lead in the digital transformation of the global economy. BSN was originally launched in 2019. The international version of the network, on the other hand, was launched in July this year. The international publication wanted to give blockchain developers the opportunity to create and operate decentralized applications and thus contribute to the spread of BSN. However, in order to use and manage their own approved projects on BSN International, the developers should have an account on the official website set up.

This website also introduces a number of large global technology and blockchain companies as BSN partners. Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are listed there as providers of cloud services. Hyperledger is noted as an approved blockchain provider.

We have good support from several of the major cloud service providers because they really like the idea and vision of BSN

Bitcoin-prisförutsägelse: BTC / USD rally till $ 15,300 högt som ett ytterligare uppåtriktat momentum är överhängande

Bitcoin (BTC) prisförutsägelse – 5 november 2020

Igår bröt BTC / USD-priset motståndet på 14 000 dollar när priset steg över 15 000 dollar. BTC handlas till $ 15 396 i skrivande stund. Från varje indikation kommer det uppåtgående steget att fortsätta utöver prisnivån på $ 15 000.

Priset drogs tillbaka för att testa $ 15 000-stödet för att återuppta uppåtgående momentum. Kungsmyntet växer högre när köpare pressas över prisnivåerna på $ 14 000 och $ 15 000. När Bitcoin Up fortsätter sitt uppåtriktade momentum har krypton fortsatt att handla i den överköpta regionen på marknaden. BTC ligger över 80% -området för den dagliga stokastiken. Relativ styrkaindex indikerar att Bitcoin ligger på nivå 84 vilket indikerar att myntet befinner sig i den överköpta regionen.

  • Motståndsnivåer: $ 13.000, $ 14.000, $ 15.000
    Supportnivåer: $ 7.000, $ 6.000, $ 5.000

BTC / USD – Dagligt diagram

Den 4 november brutit tjurarna äntligen motståndet på 14 000 dollar när uppåtgående momentum återupptogs. Bitcoin-tjurar bröt motståndet på 14 000 dollar då priset gjorde en vändning för att testa om supporten på 14 000 dollar. Omtestet ovanför $ 14 000-stödet drivte BTC att rally till en $ 15 000 hög. Vid $ 15 000 höga mötte tjurarna ett initialt motstånd. Det hausseartade momentumet bröt prisnivån till $ 20000.

Bitcoin-priset uppskattas med 1 000 $ Inom en dag när Trump och Biden fortsätter striden om Vita huset
Idag 5 november slog Bitcoin prisnivån på 15 000 $ och priset fortsätter att klättra högre. Kungsmyntet uppskattades med över $ 1 000 när Bitcoin fortsatte sin uppåtgående fart. Enligt uppgifter från Cointelegraph Markets och TradingView visade att Bitcoin hanterade barriären på 15 000 $ upprepade gånger under hela dagen. Tjurarna var framgångsrika då marknaden nådde topparna på $ 15 200. Prisnivån har tidigare uppnåtts i början av januari 2018.

BTC / USD – 3-timmarsdiagram

Under tiden har det beräknade målpriset överträffats när Bitcoin fortsatte prishöjningen. Den 3 november upptrender motverkades BTC till 14 066 dollar. Emellertid testade den återdragna ljuskroppen 38,2% Fibonacci retracement nivå. Detta antyder att Bitcoin kommer att stiga till 2.618 Fibonacci-förlängningsnivå. Med andra ord når myntet högst $ 15,034,80. Myntet har stigit över den beräknade prisnivån.

Marktkapitalisierung der verpackten Bitcoin übersteigt 1,5 Milliarden Dollar, jetzt sechstgrößte auf Ethereum

  • Gewickelte Bitcoin hat eine Marktobergrenze von 1,5 Milliarden Dollar überschritten
  • Gegenwärtig ist die in Tokens umgewandelte Bitcoin die sechstgrößte Wertmarke auf Ethereum.

Die nach Marktkapitalisierung größte Kryptowährung, Bitcoin (BTC), verzeichnete in den letzten Tagen ein immenses Preiswachstum. Erst kürzlich durchbrach die Krypto-Währung das Preisniveau von 13.700 $ und erreichte damit ein neues Jahreshoch. Inmitten des Aufwärtstrends von Bitcoin stieg auch Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), die meistverwendete, in Tokens verpackte Version von Bitcoin, durch die Marktkapitalisierung sprunghaft an und erhöhte ihre Position als sechstgrößte digitale Währung auf Ethereum.

Aufschwung von Wrapped Bitcoin durch Marktkapitalisierung

Ein Blick auf die Website von Wrapped Bitcoin zeigt, dass über 117.194 WBTC sind derzeit verfügbar und in Verwahrung. Inzwischen zeigen die Daten von Etherscan einen Gesamtbestand von 117.183 WBTC. Zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels erhöht sich die Marktkapitalisierung des Tokens auf über 1,542 Milliarden pro Etherscan. Damit rangiert Wrapped Bitcoin Pro nun als sechstgrößter in der Ethereum-Blockkette ausgegebener Jeton.

Die in Tokens verpackte Bitcoin übertraf andere populäre Krypto-Währungen wie den LEO-Token von Bitfinex, OKB (OKB), einschließlich DeFi’s Compound Dai (cDAI). Zu den fünf Ethereum-Token mit einer größeren Marktkapitalisierung als WBTC gehören der US-Dollar-unterstützte Stablecoin Tether (USDT), Binance Coin (BNB), Chainlink (LINK), USD Coin (USDC) und Coin (CRO).

Insgesamt rangiert der Wrapped Bitcoin Token nach Marktkapitalisierung auf Coinmarketcap, einer Krypto-Preisverfolgungsplattform, auf Platz 18 der digitalen Währungen.

Protokoll zur DeFi-Tokenisierung

Wrapped Bitcoin ist das größte Bitcoin-Tokenisierungsprotokoll auf dem Markt der dezentralisierten Finanzen (DeFi). Der WBTC-Token ist 1:1 an den tatsächlichen Wert von Bitcoin gekoppelt. Derzeit ist das Protokoll bei DeFi Pulse genau das drittgrößte auf dem DeFi-Markt, in dem digitale Währungen im Wert von mehr als 1,55 Milliarden Dollar gebunden sind. Bemerkenswert ist, dass das WBTC-Protokoll etwa 80 Prozent der gesamten Anzahl von Bitcoins in der Ethereum-Blockkette hält.

Zu einigen anderen Bitcoin-Marken auf dem DeFi-Markt gehören renBTC, das kürzlich eingeführte tBTC und so weiter.

Bitcoin au point de basculement

Bitcoin au point de basculement : les taureaux de la CTB testent les sommets de 2019

Après que Bitcoin n’ait pas réussi à dépasser les sommets de l’année dernière, les détenteurs de gros sacs enregistrent des bénéfices.

  • La CTB est tombée juste en dessous du plus haut de juin 2019 à 13 868 dollars, plaçant la cryptocouronne à un tournant décisif.
  • L’analyse des données sur la chaîne montre que les investisseurs particuliers se joignent au rallye en cours de Bitcoin.
  • Les fondamentaux autour de la BTC restent solides, soutenant un possible rallye vers la zone de prix de 16 000 $.

Bitcoin continue d’établir Bitcoin Bank chaque jour de nouveaux sommets annuels, le dernier rallye ayant atteint un peu moins de 13 863 dollars. Le dernier run-up marque le plus haut niveau de trading de la BTC depuis le 24 juin 2019.

Les précédents rallyes haussiers de la CTB ont été précédés par des corrections saines ou des changements de tendance soudains. Mais avec les investisseurs institutionnels qui achètent actuellement l’actif alternatif de la trésorerie, ce rallye pourrait être différent.

L’analyse des données sur la chaîne montre une activité croissante depuis que le prix a dépassé le niveau de résistance de 13 000 dollars. Cette analyse révèle une confiance croissante des traders dans la poursuite du rallye actuel.

Néanmoins, beaucoup se demandent combien de temps le rallye durera avant une correction

Des données supplémentaires sur la chaîne de transmission de la société de renseignement cryptographique sur les devises, Glassnode, montrent que les commerçants de détail se joignent à la reprise à partir de niveaux historiquement élevés, car les adresses Bitcoin détenant 10, 100 ou 1 000 dollars ont atteint de nouveaux sommets.

Cela peut susciter des inquiétudes parmi les taureaux de la BTC, car les traders de détail à marge sont bien connus pour leur mauvais timing sur le marché. En effet, les négociants chevronnés utilisent les données du commerce de détail comme un indicateur à contre-courant.

A l’inverse, la plateforme crypto-comportementale Santiment révèle qu’au 26 octobre, les adresses de la CTB contenant 100 000 à 1 000 000 de pièces ont chuté.

Cette mesure suggère que certaines baleines commencent à vendre une partie de leurs avoirs, ou à enregistrer des bénéfices à l’approche des élections américaines du 3 novembre.

Cela coïncide avec une récente alerte à la baleine indiquant qu’un portefeuille Bitcoin a déplacé plus de 88 857 (1 207 626 164,19 $) CTB le 26 octobre, ce qui a été confirmé dans le bloc 654 364.

Il s’agit historiquement d’une des plus grosses transactions jamais effectuées.

Un tel mouvement peut avoir des implications sur l’orientation du marché dans les jours qui suivent, car il pourrait signifier que de grands acteurs liquident certaines de leurs positions.

Two altcoins that could soon enter a rally

OCEAN trades between support at 2360 satoshis, and resistance at 3 160 satoshis.

Technical indicators for OCEAN like the DAG are bullish.

The DAG trades between support at 93 satoshis and resistance at 126 satoshis

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) price is moving just at a critical area of resistance. It is likely that it exceeds this area.

Likewise, Constellation (DAG) price has broken through a descending resistance line and is consolidating in anticipation of another upward movement.

The trader cryptomonnaies @TheEuroSniper has mentioned several digital pieces that he believes have strong potential rally. In this article, we’ll take a look at two of these: the OCEAN and the DAG.

The Immediate Edge has been falling since August 18, when price peaked at 6,071 satoshis. Since then the price has also followed a descending resistance line.

The coin is currently trading within a significant resistance zone, located at 3,160 satoshis. In addition to having initially acted as support, this area also coincides with the descending resistance line. If it exceeds this zone, this would therefore confirm that the price has passed its resistance.

In this case, the next resistance would be at 3,900 satoshis. On the contrary, a rejection would bring the price back to the support zone of 2360 satoshis

Technical indicators in the daily timescale are bullish. The MACD formed bullish divergences, and the Stochastic Oscillator generated a bullish cross. A move out of the current resistance zone would also allow the RSI to break through the 50s, and the MACD to enter negative territory.

Additionally, price created a bullish hammer and hit its highest daily close since falling below the resistance zone. The OCEAN should therefore confirm its advance and climb towards 3,900 satoshis.

DAG price is also falling along a descending resistance line from its August 21 high at 220 satoshis.

That said, he broke that resistance line on October 2. Although the price is declining, it has only validated the 93 satoshis area as support and has started to consolidate.

The considerable bearish divergence in the RSI like the MACD increases the possibility of the price going up, first towards 124 satoshis, or even 160 satoshis.

Niets beter dan Bitcoin: Anthony Pompliano.

Nadat Bitcoin eerst boven de $11.000 weerstand uitkwam op vrijdag en later op die dag naar $11.442 ging, twitterde vocale Bitcoin-voorvechter Anthony Pompliano vandaag lof voor Bitcoin en begon hij financiële instellingen te berispen die nog geen enkele verworvenheid hebben.

Hij noemde Bitcoin een bedrijfsmiddel met het best aangepaste rendement.

„Bitcoin wordt wakker en herinnert iedereen eraan waarom het koning is.“

Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp), de medeoprichter en partner van Morgan Creek Digital, heeft een tweet gepubliceerd om de gemeenschap eraan te herinneren dat Bitcoin nu „kom naar Papa“ zegt.

Nadat Microstrategy en Square onlangs samen bijna een half miljoen Bitcoin hebben verworven, is het vlaggenschip van de cryptocrisis eindelijk boven de $11.000 uitgekomen en lijkt de weg naar $12.000 te zijn gebaand.

Merkwaardig genoeg begon Bitcoin te stijgen nadat Keith McCullough, de CEO van Hedgeye Risk Management, al zijn BTC’s had gedumpt.

„Niets beter dan Bitcoin“

In zijn recente tweets schreef Anthony Pompliano dat financiële instellingen (behalve Microstratey, Square en Grayscale, die dit jaar ook veel BTC hebben verworven) hun fiduciaire plicht schenden als ze geen blootstelling hebben aan Bitcoin.

Hij herinnert institutionele beleggers eraan dat ze betaald worden om de beste risicovrije activa met een hoog rendement te vinden en zegt dat er „niets beter is dan Bitcoin“.

Pomp heeft ook gedeeld dat institutionele beleggers op dit moment ten minste 513.542 BTC op hun balansen hebben staan.

Bitcoin y Altcoins muestran signos de continuación bajista

El precio de Bitcoin no superó los USD 10,800 y comenzó una nueva disminución.

Ethereum disminuyó un 5% y probó el soporte de USD 335, XRP se ubicó por debajo de USD 0.250.

EGLD, LEND, YFI y UNI han bajado alrededor del 15% hoy

El precio de Bitcoin no superó la resistencia de USD 10,800, lo que resultó en una nueva ola bajista. BTC se negoció por debajo del soporte de USD 10,650 e incluso probó la zona de soporte de USD 10,550. El precio está actualmente (08:30 UTC) consolidando pérdidas por encima de USD 10,550 y sigue en riesgo de sufrir más pérdidas.

Del mismo modo, la mayoría de las monedas alternativas principales se retiraron de obstáculos importantes y comenzaron un nuevo declive, incluidos ethereum, XRP, litecoin, bitcoin cash, EOS, XLM, LINK, BNB, TRX y ADA. ETH / USD disminuyó drásticamente desde la resistencia de USD 355 y probó el soporte de USD 335. XRP / USD recortó todas sus ganancias de ayer y se ubicó por debajo del nivel de pivote de USD 0.250.

Capitalización de mercado total

Después de otro intento fallido cerca de USD 10,800, el precio de bitcoin comenzó una nueva caída. Los bajistas pudieron empujar a BTC por debajo de USD 10,650, pero los alcistas defendieron el soporte de USD 10,550. El precio actualmente está consolidando pérdidas, con una resistencia inmediata en USD 10,680. La resistencia clave aún se encuentra cerca del nivel de USD 10,800.
Si el precio no se recupera más alto, hay posibilidades de más desventajas por debajo del soporte de USD 10,550. En este caso, los bajistas podrían apuntar a una prueba del soporte de USD 10,250.

Precio de Ethereum

El precio de Ethereum tampoco logró superar un obstáculo importante cerca del nivel de 355 USD. ETH disminuyó casi un 5% e incluso probó el nivel de soporte principal de USD 335. Se está corrigiendo al alza, pero podría enfrentar un fuerte interés de venta cerca de los niveles de USD 345 y USD 350.
El soporte de USD 335 es la clave a corto plazo. Si ETH no se mantiene por encima de los USD 335, podría provocar una caída mayor hacia el nivel de soporte de USD 310.

Bitcoin cash, chainlink y precio XRP

El precio en efectivo de Bitcoin parece negociarse en un rango entre los niveles de USD 210 y USD 220. Un cierre adecuado por encima de la resistencia de USD 220 podría iniciar un aumento constante. Por el contrario, el precio podría descender hacia el nivel de 200 USD. Cualquier pérdida adicional quizás ejerza mucha presión sobre los compradores.

Chainlink (LINK) parece estar formando un techo importante este mes y ahora cotiza muy por debajo de los USD 10,00. El primer soporte importante está cerca del nivel de USD 8,50, por debajo del cual hay posibilidades reales de otra prueba del soporte de USD 8,00. El siguiente soporte importante está cerca del nivel de USD 7,20.

Precio XRPno logró ubicarse por encima de USD 0,255 y comenzó una nueva caída. Rompió el nivel de pivote de USD 0.250 e incluso probó el soporte de USD 0.245. Cualquier pérdida adicional podría llevar al precio hacia el soporte de USD 0.240. Por el lado positivo, el USD 0.250 podría actuar como una resistencia en las próximas 2-3 sesiones.